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Fair produzierte Kleidung, damit liegen Sie voll im Trend! 

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Fairness bildet den roten Faden

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Eine kreativ-Zusammenarbeit!

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Wir verwirklichen Ihre Träume!

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Boutique mit eigener Schneiderei

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Boutique mit Schneiderei

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Grape García is the brand name of a small fashion company founded by Natalia García in 2011 and established in Wil, Switzerland. 

We design, make and market one-of-a-kind garments for women. Furthermore, we accentuate your personality, we create new styles for you, we complement your look and if allowed, we positively influence your life style and animate your mood. All this only through very fashionable clothes and a positive business philosophy.

We offer all our garments als unique pieceThis fact gives all our garments a nice touch of exclusivity.

Clothes are a second skin and the best way to express yourself.The brand combines elegance and delight. We call the style “chic classic”.

Our idea of luxury is to have the possibility to wear comfortable clothes with a pretty design and made of high quality materials. Clothes created on the basis of a positive philosophy of life. 

Every garment is the result of a rigorous selection of top-quality materials combined with only the best of our creative work. Most of our clothes are made of fine natural fabrics like cotton, linen, viscose and silk. Through our line of products, we offer you a refined and uncomplicated proposal for your wardrobe.

Our garments are undoubtedly a great option for looking modern and well dressed in your daily routine. Created on the basis of a classical style, they will not look old fashioned so quickly.

Grape García carefully observes economical, ecological and social criteria for the selection of the materials and the making process of each garment.  All garments are produced in Switzerland.


We offer you a "tailor-made" service. We develop your own designs with you. Just let us make your unique pieces and realize your dreams!

Our dream is to convey you the strong inspiring appeal of a tailor-made piece.

Believe us, these are unique things you will enjoy to own.


If you need to modify or repair a garment, please ask for an individual offer. We will be happy to help you to make any necessary adjustment and to extend the useful life of your clothes. 


Any small action is a big contribution to protect the only one planet we have!  Because of this, all our products are labelled and packaged using recycled and recyclable materials. In our offices, we avoid the use of printed versions, because we want to reduce as much as possible our paper and ink consume. We are improving continuously our processes in order to reduce our carbon footprint and waste production. For example, we are recycling and upcycling textiles. We deliver all online orders through the "pro clima" carbon-neutral mailing option of the Swiss Post, which enables postal customers to offset carbon dioxide emissions by paying a small surcharge. Swiss Post invests every contribution in selected climate protection projects.

Moreover, with a classical design and good quality, we create products with a lower environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. And because clothing is a very reusable product, we promote actively the recycling of clothes. We continuously invite people to deliver their old clothes -which are still in a good condition- to a local organization to help people in need.  



We believe any organisation has to trade responsibly and to respect and improve the lives of those who work with them. For this reason at Grape García we practice and promote fair trade. In our daily work, including all our production, distribution, promotion and administration processes, we are defending the basic principles of fair trade, such as: ensuring no child labour and forced labour, commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association, ensuring good working conditions, payment of a fair price and respect for the environment.



A better world for everybody! We contribute actively to the world social welfare through our donation program. Every year we support the Terre des hommes foundation. through an economical contribution. The amount donated represents 1% of our total annual net sales. You can find more information about this topic at the “Donation Program” section in this web page. 



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